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PHP 5.0.4 wurde am 31.03.2005 herausgebracht. Im folgenden erhalten Sie einen kurzen Überblick welche Änderungen in diesem Patch enthalten waren. Bei Interesse kann auch das ausführliche Änderungsprotokoll eingesehen werden.

mb_convert_encoding ignores named entity 'alpha'
mb_decode_mimeheader() is case-sensitive to hex escapes
compiler warnings in libmbfl due to invalid type cast
incorrect character translations for some ISO8859 charsets
Fixed bug preventing from building oci8 as shared
Fixed a bug in mysql_affected_rows and mysql_stmt_affected_rows when the api function returns -1
Fixed several leaks in ext/browscap and sapi/embed
Fixed several leaks in ext/filepro
Fixed build system to always use bundled libtool files
Fixed a bug in mysqli_stmt_execute() (type conversion with NULL values)
Fixed segfault in mysqli_fetch_field_direct() when invalid field offset is passed
Fixed posix_getsid() & posix_getpgid() to return sid & pgid instead of true
offsetUnset() segfaults in a foreach
segfault in bzopen() if supplied path to non-existent file
Check values of Connection/Transfer-Encoding case-incentively in SOAP extension
call_user_func_array() calls wrong class method within child class
spl_array.c: void function cannot return value
proc_get_status() sets "running" always to true
Prevent using both --with-apxs2 and --with-apxs2filter
Overloading offsetGet/offsetSet
ArrayIterator::seek() does not throw an Exception on invalid index
dateTime SOAP encoding of timezone incorrect
in mysqli default socket value is not being used
Crash caused by range('', 'z')
Fragments which replaced Nodes are not globaly useable
xml_parse_into_struct() function exceeds maximum execution time
Unicode exif data not available on Windows
getrusage() does not provide ru_nswap value
msql_fetch_row() and msql_fetch_array() dropping columns with NULL values
Segmentation fault using clone keyword on nodes
--disable-cli does not force --without-pear
*date('r') does not return RFC2822 conforming date string
SOAP encoding problem with complex types in WSDL mode with multiple parts
exif_read_data() uses too low nesting limit
readline completion handler does not handle empty return values
Cannot create SOAP header in no namespace
dbase_open() fails for mode = 1
pg_parameter_status() missing on Windows
SOAP Digest Authentication doesn't work with "HTTP/1.1 100 Continue" response
mb_get_info() causes segfault when no parameters specified
Wrong return values for mysqli_autocommit/commit/rollback
parse_url() does not recognize
Cannot redefine endpoint when using WSDL
dio_tcsetattr(): misconfigured termios settings
changes to $name in __get($name) override future parameters
unserialize() float problem on non-English locales
__autoload() problem with static variables
ReflectionClass::getDefaultProperties segfaults with arrays
OCILogin does not support password grace period
crash in msg_send() when non-string is stored without being serialized
Improve performance of scandir() by factor of 10 or so
open_basedir uses path_translated rather then cwd for . translation
Possible infinite loop in imap_mail_compose()
Fixed crash in chunk_split(), when chunklen > strlen
False warning in unpack() when working with *
session_set_save_handler crashes PHP when supplied non-existent object ref
Memory leak in zend_language_scanner.c
unserialize broken on 64-bit systems
$GLOBALS can be overwritten via GPC when register_globals is enabled
No Error-Logging on SoapServer-Side
curl POSTFIELDS crashes on 64-bit platforms
compile fails with gd 2.0.33 without freetype
highlight_file() trims new line after heredoc
simplexml/domxml segfault when adding node twice
CachingIterator::rewind() leaks
ArrayIterator::next segfaults
Unexpected warning then exception is thrown from call_user_func_array()
imap_mail_compose() fails to generate correct output
XML Parser Functions seem to drop & when parsing
When magic_guotes_gpc are enabled filenames with ' get cutoff
Possible crash in mysql_fetch_field(), if mysql_list_fields() was not called previously
Compile failure of zend_strtod.c
PHP 4.3.10 does not compile on Tru64 UNIX 5.1B
Compile failure on Solaris 9 (Intel) and gcc 3.4.3
Better error message when c-client cannot be found
missing kerberos header file path with --with-openssl
isset() / empty() incorrectly return true in dereference of a string type
broken php_url_encode_hash macro
var_export() does not output an array element with an empty string key
imageftbbox() does not use linespacing parameter
php_std_date() returns invalid formatted date if y2k_compliance is On
apache2filter: per request leak proportional to the full path of the request URI
can't send cookies with soap envelop
Misleading warning message for array_combine()
evaluated pointer comparison in mbregex causes compile failure
Static array with boolean indexes
-.1 like numbers are not being handled correctly
PHP segfaults when an exception is thrown in getIterator() within foreach
cURL functions bypass open_basedir
apache2handler: virtual() includes files out of sequence
odbc_next_result() doesn't bind values and that results in segfault
Invalid opcode 137/1/8
imagettftext() and imagettfbbox() accept too many parameters
SOAP cannot not parse 'ref' element. Causes Uncaught SoapFault exception
type re_registers redefined in oniguruma.h
enabled debug causes bailout errors with CLI on AIX because of fflush() called on already closed filedescriptor
Weird behaviour of __set($name, $value)
printf() handles repeated placeholders wrong
width and height inverted for JPEG2000 files
configure for mysqli with shared doesn't work
make test libtool failure on MacOSX
mail(): use "From:" from headers if sendmail_from is empty
PHP sources pick wrong header files generated by bison
__destruct of a class that extends mysqli not called
ini-file section parsing pattern is buggy
corrupt EXIF headers have unlimited recursive IFD directory entries
Cannot access undefined property for object with overloaded property access
Changing a static variables in a class changes it across sub/super classes
HTTP_SESSION_VARS appear when register_long_arrays is Off
FastCGI: stderr should be written in a FCGI stderr stream
partially incorrect utf8 to htmlentities mapping
SOAP HTTP Digest Access Authentication
Double problem on ftp_get in ASCII mode on Win32
Multiple OUs in x509 certificate not handled properly
Added SNMPv2 support
Added Oracle Instant Client support
Added length and charsetnr for field array and object in mysqli
Added checks for negative values to gmp_sqrt(), gmp_powm(), gmp_sqrtrem() and gmp_fact() to prevent SIGFPE
Changed foreach() to throw an exception if IteratorAggregate::getIterator() does not return an Iterator
Changed phpize not to require libtool
Updated bundled oniguruma library (used for multibyte regular expression) to 3.7.0
Updated bundled libmbfl library (used for multibyte functions)

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