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PHP 5.0.3 wurde am 15.12.2004 herausgebracht. Im folgenden erhalten Sie einen kurzen Überblick welche Änderungen in diesem Patch enthalten waren. Bei Interesse kann auch das ausführliche Änderungsprotokoll eingesehen werden.

Fixed error handling in mysqli_multi_query
Fixed potential problems with unserializing invalid serialize data
Problem with non-existing iconv header file
snmp extension does not build with net-snmp 5.2
SOAP server unable to handle request with references
allow popen() on *NIX to accept 'b' flag
properties in extended mysqli classes don't work
When Using WSDL, SoapServer doesn't handle private or protected properties
reflective functions crash PHP when interfaces extend themselves
segfault when recording soapclient into session
MySQLi testsuite
ReflectionClass::getStaticProperties segfaults
"!" stripped off comments in xml parser
SoapServer doesn't handle private or protected properties
Apache crash when using ReflectionFunction:: getStaticVariables()
Meaningful error message when upload directory is not accessible
Malformed SOAPClient http header reequest
Problem handling exif data in jpeg images at unusual places
Ensure that temporary files created by GD are removed
def. multi result set support for mysql_connect
compile with pear error
array_multisort doesn't separate zvals before changing them
crash when comparing SimpleXML attribute to a boolean
attribute namespace URIs are inconsistent when parsing
PEAR installation fails
curl_getinfo() may crash in some situations
segfault when parsing ?getvariable[][
rename across filesystems loses ownership and permission info
stream_socket_client async connect was broken
Strange results with get_class_vars()
cal_info() does not work without a parameter
stream_get_line() not handling end string correctly
SOAP client requests have no port in "Host" field
str_ireplace() does not work on all strings
Reflection::getModifierNames() returns too long strings
Error Fetching http body, No Content-Length, connection closed or chunked data
segfault when using unknown/unsupported session.save_handler and/or session.serialize_handler
Prevent non-wbmp images from being detected as such
Possible crash in ctype_digit on large numbers
exception handler not working with objects
Sybase date strings are sometimes not null terminated
SOAP results aren't parsed correctly
OO sqlite_fetch_object did not reset error handler
get_current_user() crashes on Windows
xml_set_start_namespace_decl_handler not called
did not detect IPV6 on FreeBSD 4.1
strtotime does not use second param
Possible crash inside ftp_get()
array_reduce segfaults when initial value is array
isset gives invalid values on strings
Set limit on the size of mmapable data
strtotime error
double free when openssl_csr_new fails
Soapserver always uses std class
SoapClient doesn't request wsdl through proxy
Var problem when extending domDocument
strtotime fails with zero base time
Lost support for MS Symbol fonts
mb_strwidth() returns wrong width values for some hangul characters
NULL decimal separator is not being handled correctly
private / protected variables not exposed by get_object_vars() inside class
Can't return within a zend_try {} block or the previous bailout state isn't restored
Userland stream wrapper segfaults on stream_write
Added the %F modifier to *printf to render a non-locale-aware representation of a float with the . as decimal seperator
Extended the functionality of is_subclass_of() to accept either a class name or an object as first parameter

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