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PHP 5.0.1 wurde am 12.08.2004 herausgebracht. Im folgenden erhalten Sie einen kurzen Überblick welche Änderungen in diesem Patch enthalten waren. Bei Interesse kann auch das ausführliche Änderungsprotokoll eingesehen werden.

Fixed unloading of dynamically loaded extensions
Fixed ReflectionClass::getMethod() and ReflectionClass::getProperty() to raise an ReflectionException instead of returning NULL on failure
Fixed convert.* filters to consume remaining buckets_in on flush
Fixed bug in mysqli->client_version
php_strip_whitespace() prints to stdout rather then returning the value
Segmentation fault, when exception thrown within PHP function called from XSLT
accessing properties without connection
get_class_vars() severely broken when used with arrays
.Net object instantiation failed
win32: usleep() doesn't work
win32: feof() hangs on empty tcp stream
Possible crash inside array_walk_recursive()
crash when parsing invalid address; invalid address returned by stream_socket_recvfrom(), stream_socket_getname()
Segfault in PHP functions called from XSLT
sqlite_escape_string() returns bogus data on empty strings
com_dotnet crashes when echo'ing an object
The destructor is called when an exception is thrown from the constructor
Exception constructor marked as both public and protected
strtotime() does not handle empty date string properly
win32 build produces invalid php_ifx.dll
fetch functions now use MYSQLI_BOTH as default
get_class_vars() return names with NULLs
gettext extension not working
variant_date_from_timestamp() does not honour timezone
error when sending large packets on a socket
memory error when wsdl-cache is enabled
Compile Error in mnoGoSearch functions
$_SERVER["PHP_AUTH_USER"] isn't defined
html_entity_decode() misbehaves with UTF-8
SoapFault exception: [WSDL] Out of memory
soap extension segfaults
__getTypes() returning nothing on complex WSDL
Wrong data encoding of special characters
ReflectionClass::isAbstract always returns false
Thread-unsafety in bcmath elementary values
catch() does not catch exceptions by interfaces
Changed destructor mechanism so that destructors are called prior to request shutdown
Rewritten UNIX and Windows install help files
Updated several libraries bundled with the windows release which now includes libxml2-2.6.11, libxslt-1.1.7 and iconv-1.9.1
Improved and moved ActiveScript SAPI to PECL

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